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Emmaus Netball Club

Umpiring for Emmaus

Netball wouldn’t run without our umpires – and we are always on the look out for umpires at all levels - new to experienced! To enquire about umpiring opportunities and development pathways, please contact us at or click on the application form below.

Netball umpiring is an integral part of the Australian netball community. Umpires help keep the game safe, fair and fun for everyone. Not to mention developing personal skills like communication, resilience and leadership. Netball umpiring is also a great pathway into the world of professional sport. If you’d like to get involved please fill out the application form. 

​There are many opportunities to become involved as an umpire in Netball, with clear pathways and support structures.

The Rules of Netball Theory Examination tests the basic rules of the game. It is an online examination that is accessible all year. A certificate is generated for all candidates who achieve a pass (70% or above). The most recent examination mark is the current result and Pass marks are valid for 4 years.

  • It is highly recommended that prior to commencing this exam you read a copy of the World Netball - Rules of Netball 2024.

Our club provides Umpire training one night a week at our training courts in St Clair.

Umpires who DO NOT play need to register as a Non-Player for free.

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